Children's Fusing workshops

These workshops are for children aged between 5 to 10 years old and all students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the workshop. (older children can attend these workshops but they may feel they are a bit immature for older children) 
The children will have an opportunity to make their own individual piece of fused glass. They will learn how the glass is affected by the heat in the kiln and what the different types of glass are (sheet glass, stringers, noodles and frit as well as transparent and opaque glass ). All the glass is pre-fused therefore there are no sharp edges on the glass, except with the frit and they will use scoops whilst handling the frit, there is no glass cutting involved these workshops.  
There will be an opportunity to make one of the following pieces within the 1 hour workshop 
Bespoke lid for a small wooden box  (£20.00 including the box)
Bespoke lid for a wooden pencil box (£15.00 including pencil box)
Fish or Dragonfly (£12.00 each)
Small panel  for hanging in the window (£12.00)
Panel for a night light (£15.00 including plug-in LED night light)
The workshop takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Children's summer holiday glass fusing workshops

The children's fused glass workshops 3 per day 10am to 11am 12pm to 1pm 2pm to 3pm  

Dates Thurs 5-8-21, mon 9-8-21, mon 16-8-21,wed 18-8-21, Thurs 19-8-21, mon 23-8-21 and Wed25-8-21

Dates and times of workshops 
After school workshops 4.30pm to 5.30 pm Friday 9-7-21, Monday 12-7-21, Thursday 15-7-21,
Monday 19-7-21, Thursday 22-7-21, Monday 26-7-21 and Thursday 29-7-21