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Children's Fusing workshops

The workshops are aimed at children aged between 5 to 11 years old and all students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the workshop. (older children can attend these workshops but they may feel they are a bit immature for them) 
The children will have an opportunity to make their own individual piece of fused glass. They will learn how the glass is affected by the heat in the kiln and what the different types of glass are (sheet glass, stringers, noodles and frit as well as transparent and opaque glass ). All the glass is either pre-fused or ground on the edges, therefore there are no sharp edges on the glass, except with the frit and they will use scoops whilst handling the frit, there is no glass cutting involved in these workshops.  
Basic fusing workshops 
There will be an opportunity to make one of the following pieces within the 1 hour workshop
A small wall hanging mirror frame (£20.00) the frame is approximately 12cm x 12cm includes mirror fixed to frame 
Fish or Dragonfly (£16.00 each)
Small panel  for hanging in the window 10cm x 10cm(£16.00)
Robot tea lights (£16.00)
The workshop takes approximately 1 hour to complete and there will be 3 x workshops per day 10-11am, 12-1pm and 3-4pm
Dates TBA
Children's slurry bug house workshop

This is an opportunity to learn the slurry technique to make 2 x fused glass bugs that will be fitted to a wooden bug house that can be hung in the garden to encourage insects and bees to lay eggs inside the help with increasing pollinating and increasing diverse wildlife 

This is a simple technique and each bug will be totally unique, creativity will be actively encouraged and adults will hopefully be able to assist with the younger children during the workshop. The workshop will cost £30 per bug house and includes the cost of the house

The workshop takes approximately 1 hour to complete and there will be 3 x workshops per day 10-11am, 12-1pm and 3-4pm
Dates TBA

Children's Christmas workshops  
The children will be able to create their own Christmas decoration from a selection of 3  choices, Santa. Reindeer or Snowman. There will be pre-fused or ground pieces of glass to assemble using a non contact adhesive glue, These will be attached to a clear base glass that can be attached to a tea light holder or have a hook loop to enable it to be hung on a tree or other location. Finally, they will be able to personalise their piece using white ready mixed enamel paints to create snowflakes or other details of their choice. The cost will be £12 per decoration
The workshop will take approximately 30mins  to complete and there will be 2 workshops per day 4.30pm -5pm and 5.30pm to 6.00pm, 
Dates Monday 20-11-23, Monday 27-11-23, Thursday 14-12-23 and Friday 15-12-23
Due to the firing process your piece will be available to collect the following week
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