Copper foiling Full day Workshop

In this workshop you will progress onto learning how to cut the glass to a pattern and how to grind the glass pieces to fit neatly then they will be foiled and soldered together. 
In this workshop you will be able to make 1 of the 4 panel designs supplied or a framed mirror. The size of the panels and your mirror including frame is approximately the same size as an A4 piece of paper. 
Once you have completed the construction of your panel you will be given the opportunity of applying a patina to the solder to alter its finish (there are 3 finshes Silver, copper and black)  
The designs available are as follows 
A lighthouse in a landscape
A sailing boat at sea
Geometric pattern 1
Geometric pattern 2
A mirror panel. (approximately A4 size)
Cost of this workshop is £85 per person and there is a maximum of 4 students per workshop
Dates and times of workshops Sunday 23-2-20 10am to 4.30pm (including 30 min lunchbreak)
Saturday 18-4-20 10am to 4.30pm (including 30min lunch break)