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I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to create a number of commissions for various clients. This included a Primary school project where the school children were involved in the creation of a majority of the components to create a collaborative window installation within the main school hall. I have also made a wall panel with an aquatic theme installed within a bathroom. I have also created smaller items such as bowls dishes and personalised items.  

I offer a commission service for fused glass works. I work through the design with the client through to the creation of the final piece.


The first design criteria is to determine the purpose of the piece along with the function and location of the piece.

The initial discussions will determine the basic requirements and the best way to meet the client request.

Following initial discussions I draw out the design to give an overview of size shape and colour

Next we can discuss the way the glass can be fused to achieve different finishes and effects and create some samples.

If the client has a set colour range it maybe advantageous to visit the glass supplier to look at the colours that are available to try and meet the client preferences. However it's worth noting that some glass colours are more expensive and are not always available.

There are many factors that will affect the final cost and this may include transportation and installation

Should you wish to discuss a potential commission please contact me via email or text (see contacts page for details)


This was a collaborative project that I held at the local C of E school in Brimpton. All 56 students plus teachers and a couple of the dinner lades contributed to this window

This was a commission for a pilot from his wife (also a pilot) and is based on all the planes that he had owned or been associated with. This is a fused piece encased in a double glazed uint 

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