Private hire 

I can offer various hire options and I will be in attendance at the studio throughout the hire period to offer help and advice (this does not include teaching as this is chargeable separately).

Bench hire - £3 per hr or part thereof - I have 4 work spaces available in my studio (each space is approximately 60cm (d) x 80cm (w) Each space has an A2 work mat and a twin 13amp socket on the workbench for use with suitable small power equipment, (please be aware that all sockets are RCD protected and are for use with suitable small power equipment only eg soldering iron dremel style drill, bench task light etc).

Kiln Hire - I have 2 x kilns available for hire, a kilncare Hobbyfuser and a kilncare Elite. 

The cost of the Hobbyfuser Is £25.00 per firing and this includes kiln paper on the shelf, the shelf is approximately 38cm x 38cm. 

The Cost for the hire of the  Elite kiln is £65.00 per firing and this includes kiln paper on the shelf, the shelf is split in 2 an each shelf is approximately 38cm (w) x 78cm (d). Please be aware that if you want to fire a large project in this kiln that bridges the 2 x shelves you will require an additional sheet of 3mm ceramic fibre to ensure that the split in the shelf doesn't appear as a line in the back of you project. The cost of this material is an extra £12 per square metre and can only be used for 1 x firing.    

Cold working equipment.

MAG45 flatbed Grinder This is a heavy duty glass grinding machine 450mm in diameter, with water cooling. The grinder has 3 grades of magnetic discs, course, medium and fine. Please be aware that you cannot achieve a polished finish with this equipment. 

The Cost of hire of the MAG45 is £25.00 per hour or part thereof. (Please be aware that this equipment is not connected to a drainage system and you need to empty the drainage bucket regularly to avoid the waste water flooding onto the studio floor).

Dewalt Wet saw  - this saw is suitable for sawing through slabs of glass such as pattern bar and has a 60cm length limit. 

The cost of hire of the Dewalt wet saw is £20.00 per hour or part thereof. Please be aware that you will not be allowed to operate this saw unless you have someone with you to ensure that assistance can be raised in the event of an accident.

The use of hand tools such as glass scoring tools, cut running pliers, grozing pliers etc will be available for use when paying for bench time