Gift Vouchers

I offer Gift vouchers for courses or I can provide vouchers for a monetary value or for other services, such as a one to one workshop, bench time or hire services

All Gift vouchers are sent out via email in electronic format. Payment for vouchers must be cash or Bank transfer

PLEASE NOTE: GIFT VOUCHERS MUST BE REDEEMED WITHIN A YEAR FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE. Unfortunately I cannot extend them beyond a year as there is a limit to the number of courses I run. Please make sure recipients are aware of this. The expiry date is shown on the voucher (This does not apply to gifts of a specific dated course). 

Voucher Terms

Gift vouchers are available for all of my courses. Please be aware that if you purchase an open voucher (one with no date) this operates as a monetary voucher. My course fees go up for a variety of reasons and should my course fees increase before the voucher is redeemed an additional fee may be payable. Course cost increases will not affect gift vouchers for courses with a specific date - in this instance no additional course fee would be payable.