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Garden fused glass/Mosaic Sail

This is an opportunity to make a fused glass panel to be housed in a metal frame to go in the garden. The frame will be made of stainless steel and will house a panel approximately 200mm wide x 600mm long and approximately 6mm thick (the glass panel simply slides into the frame)

You will start with a sheet of clear base glass and then you will add various pieces of fusing glass to make either a mosaic panel or you can add just sections of sheet glass, frit and inclusions such as copper foil or copper oxide powder. You may wish to do some kiln carving too, this enables you to add some texture to the back of the glass, and this can create some interesting effects when the light shines through it.       

If you choose to make a mosaic panel the spaces between the fused glass will be filled with black tile grout and this looks similar to a stained glass window when the light shines through it creating silhouetted pockets of coloured glass .

Due to the firing and grouting processes the pieces will not be ready for collection until the following week

This workshop is for a maximum of 4 students per class

The cost of this workshop will be £160.00 and this includes all materials and the Stainless steel frame.

Dates and times 

Saturday 29-6-24 workshop will run from 10.30 to 3pm with a half hour break for lunch

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