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Kitchen and Bathroom splashbacks

I can provide a design, build and installation service for a unique fused glass splashback within a kitchen or bathroom setting. When designing your bespoke fused glass splashback or panel it is essential to carry out a full site survey to ensure that all the design criteria and installation requirements are fully discussed and agreed prior to starting the commission. This will include but will not be exclusive to the following list: -

  • Size and location of the fused glass installation

  • Suitability of the area for the glass

  • Mounting and fixing methods

  • colour and design 

  • obstacles within the proposed location (existing and proposed fixtures and fittings)

  • Potential heat sources

Please be aware that the glass cannot be designed with cut outs for sockets and switches

Deco fish splashback (2).JPG
Flaming colour splashback (2).JPG
IMG_8609 (2).JPG
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