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Fused glass garden workshops 

Fused glass flowers using the slurry Technique

This workshop offers you the chance to make your own fused glass flower to go in the garden. You will be able to make 2 x different style flowers using the slurry technique (glass powder mixed with water spread on clear base glass shapes) 

Once you've created the petals for each of your flowers (one with 8 petals and one with 5 petals they will be fired in the kiln to fuse them together then they will be slumped over some ceramic fibre shapes to make the flower look more organic (this will be completely different on every flower)

The flowers will be mounted onto a copper pipe stem and will have the option of adding a bumble bee on a wire to the centre of the flower for an extra £2 per flower, you will also be given a small envelope of wild flower seed to sow at home to provide a source of food and habitat for wildlife including insects and bees

The cost of this workshop is £55.00 per person and will take approximately 1 and a half hours to complete 

Due to the firing process you will not be able to collect your completed flowers until the following week

If you would prefer to just make one of the flower designs instead of 2 flowers the cost will be £30 per flower


Dates and times 

Saturday 22-6-2410.30am to 12 noon or 2pm to 3.30pm

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