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Fused Glass Toadstool Workshop 

In this workshop you will make the head of 2 x fused glass mushrooms using bullseye fusing glass. There will be a range of different glass types available that will enable you to create 2 x mushroom heads. Materials will include sheet glass, frit, powdered slurry, confetti and reactive glasses. The heads will be fired  and slumped or draped in my kiln and then attached to a stretched blown glass stem with clear silicon (there will be a choice of stems available from a selection made by me, in my glass blowing workshop, these will be mixed and varied in size and colour) . The head designs and colours can be bright and varied as these will be decorative and imaginative (rather than true to nature).

Your completed mushroom will be attached to a polished wooden log slice with clear silicon.

Each Mushroom will be completely unique as all the stems and heads will be hand made.

The cost of this workshop will be £75.00 per person and will take approximately 1 and a half hrs to complete.

This workshop is for a maximum of 4 students per session 

Please be aware these mushrooms are designed for indoor use and not to be left in the garden.

Due to the firing process involved in making these pieces you pieces will be available for collection the following week

Dates and times 

 Saturday 28-9-24 2 x workshops 10.30am to 12 noon and 2.30pm to 4pm

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