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Glass fusing full day workshop

This is an opportunity to move to the next stage from the taster class. We will learn about adding to your knowledge by using additional techniques

The workshop will run over 2 x half days of 4 hrs per day.

Day one you will get to make up a set of samples  based on the following: 


  • using ceramic fibre for kiln carving  

  • inclusions within the glass (foils, mica flakes and bubbles)

  • further surface techniques (enamel paints, and powder stencilling) 

  • different types of glass (iridised, and reactive glass) 


These samples will be fired in the kiln in readiness for the following week 

On Day 2 The following week, we will review the samples then look at incorporating these techniques into your  final project (one of the following).


  • a freestanding art work S-curve or C-curve 

  • a larger bowl (square or circular) 25 - 30cm

  • a set of 4 coasters and a smaller dish (square or circular,12-14cm) 

The cost of this workshop is £150.00


Dates and times of classes 

Saturday 5-10-24 1 x Half day  starting at 10am through to 2pm 

Saturday 12-10-24 1 x Half day  starting at 10am through to 2pm 

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